parked atop a fresh mound of redwood chips, breathe in the gathering scent (cough, cough the air is heavy with smoke from grassfires east of here) homemade sandwhich in hand, work day complete, I am in a favorite spot.

Reflection off car cleaned of debris A sprinkler on hot summer day Soft breeze, sunny day, water sparkles Pug eyed Nothing deters the mind is afloat Aaaaaaaaa, there it is Clear in mind Small town People influx Canoes, tents, Subaru s Small town overwhelmed Cha-ching Money, money, money Now the crowds have gone Peace The… Continue reading Escapism

driving home late warm evening, 60mph windows down dont care long day, long week of work and only tuesday symmetrical arrangement of air reshapes the hair local radio broadcast the planets by gustav holst:  jupiter, the bringer of jollity conincedence, livey and cheerful overflow that star, the sun, warms the left half of face oh… Continue reading needed relief

Mrs. Williamsonvich:  "Maxwell, you seem very pleased vut gives?" Max brushing hands together: "Well Mrs. Williamsonvich would you believe I actually solved a case?" Mrs. Williamsonvich hands splapping her cheeks:  "No, really vhich one?  The case of the broken arrow?" Max:  "Nope" Mrs. Williamsonvich:  "The case of the clogged toilet?" Max bewildered:  "Are you having… Continue reading Hail to the Victor!

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