Writing is an interesting craft, words, phrases, stories pop in an out constantly. Sometimes as I dash for notebook and pencil they tarnish. Not deterred, I wait for more or a forgotten one to return. But it is not giants like P.G. Wodehouse, James Michener, Thurber, or White  standing at the front of the line… Continue reading Inspiration

The Hiatus is over.

Anticipation mounts and I finally buckle under the pressure of returning to writing after an unplanned departure.  Last summer the time had arrived to  join partner Alfred’s small business, a head shop, which opened in April 2011 and staggered like a drunken soldier, as startups are known to do, with Alfred literally pounding the pavement to get the name…… Continue reading The Hiatus is over.

i recall a few years ago in 2003 a little coach with the last name of babcock took a lesser, lets call them david, team of hockey players  against a mighter giant, lets say goliath, team of hockey players and not only beat them in a sweep but that giant was the stanley cup champ detroit redwings.   fastforward to the present… Continue reading after all it’s the cup, man!

just listened to game 7 between wings and ducks on nhl radio and found this more exciting than watching on tv, talk about a nailbiter! i was able to listen and fist pump as the wings marched on and at the same time get some house work done. each team won their home games until tonite,… Continue reading game 7’s cant ask for more excitment when playing for THE CUP!

listening to nhl radio as dont have cable tv coverage, pittsburg just scored on so i am reapplying the curse.  the ny isles annoucer is putting a lot of color into the game, love it man!  tomorrow's detroit and anaheim game is going to be fun for some and anguish for others, i betting the disappointment will be in… Continue reading It’s the cup, eh? miracles and fantastic finishes abound!

Forward to the Hinterland Part 3

  At the north end of the Mackinac Bridge Dad brings the wagon to a stop hands over the $1.50 toll to the keeper, Upper Peninsula here we are!  Now above the bridge our troll status is left under it as we leave I-75 connecting with U.S. Route 2 (which begins near Everett, Washington by…… Continue reading Forward to the Hinterland Part 3

so pittsburg lost, hhhhmmmm. going into the third period they had a commanding 3-1 lead, the redwings too a comfortable lead and well..., losing 4-3 to the underdog New York Islanders and a goal that has been scrutinized by the press. I wonder if pittsburg had made this fortunate goal the media would be all over… Continue reading the curse, because it’s the cup!

Forward into the Hinterland Part 2

It has been one and a half hour since leaving Flint and almost three hours on the road with nine to go when Mom and Dad decide to stop at the rest area near Standish, Michigan.  Standish, incorporated the same year that the railroad reached town in 1871, started as a lumber town and sawmills…… Continue reading Forward into the Hinterland Part 2

it is with heavy head i write this as the detroit redwings lost the opening game to the ducks however there is so much more action ahead! now if it turns out that detroit doesnt make it out the first round this is ok as i am a fan, or fanatic, of the team and will look forward to… Continue reading the cup, round 1

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