Parked at Alton Baker Park in Eugene, Oregon I was caught in a downpour not unusual for the Pacific Northwest moments later the rain subsided and from the warm, dry, comfort of inside my Camry a look produced these two photographs. The angles of each car, the foreground, and the dark tree line just sang… Continue reading Radom Pictures

the cool down, nice waves of mist covered ground and mountain thought provoking clouds hillsides splashed in color, of course all ages of fun seaside waves crash to a different tune kids pumpkins, some flying trees baring all energizing rain look back look ahead??? fall already?


The following just ran down the brain like a bead of sweat down the forehead: Peopled cocooned in air conditioning Can’t crack the window too hot, whaaaah, burp, whaaaah Can’t sweat Ruin the dress Me Bring it on Love to sweat Alive Don’t worry you won’t die Sweat down the breast Tank top drenched Oh…… Continue reading Warmness

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