"Ah, there you are right where I left you our Secret Control Individual Operational Neutral-emission truck (Scion for short)," Max voices aloud to the vehicle as if alive. Patting the rusty fender like the shoulder of an old friend Max is engulfed in a cloud of rust colored dust.  Coughing, he fans through then circles… Continue reading The Rusty Truck Trick

The place:  Fort Steilacoom Park The city:  Lakewood, Washington The scene:  Nikki and Alejandro at the park. Curtain, birds,music,action!   Nikki:  “Alejandra, Alejandro.  Wake up are you OK?” Nikki shakes his shoulder lovingly while kneeling beside him. Alejandro:  “Huh, what?  Oh hello.” Alejandro visibly in another world focuses attention. Nikki:  “You were breathing heavily, you… Continue reading Lofty Passion

First Day, First Event, First Fun

The following is the second installment of: Episodic Dedication   Black pants check, black shirt check, block socks check, black shoes check, black and red company cap check, black apron check all is right in the world preparing for my novice career as Event Specialist (for a recap on how I got this far see: …… Continue reading First Day, First Event, First Fun

A Veteran needs Your Help!

Small businesses in this country are at war for their very livelihood just like veterans of warfare fighting for their very existence on the battlefield only the enemy isn’t an overseas power it is domestic greed. Twice in the past 12 months major setbacks involving separate property owners have resulted in a pricey battle for…… Continue reading A Veteran needs Your Help!

Paper Technology, don’t ya know!

A last-minute decision today to drive done into the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon at of all times 4pm on a Friday evening! Yikes, whatever was I thinking!  Well, a good friend of mine asked if I would pick up some papers for him but I didn’t receive his text message until 330pm so quickly…… Continue reading Paper Technology, don’t ya know!

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