and now for something completely, completely, completely different...with lumix camera with leica lense secure in hand I ventured out into the world yesterday in search of light, subject , and scene. the following is just a portion of what i found at Skinner Butte park along the Willamette River in Eugene, Oregon; aside from the… Continue reading the annual plummet

the times they are a changin’

at this time of year when we are seeing green and I don’t mean beer no, the first signs of spring are sprouting, men, women, dogs, cats, and even birds are emerging from the long sometimes cold, sometimes brutal, but nonetheless necessary.  soon summers heat then back to that what is depicted below.  All of…… Continue reading the times they are a changin’

Water Birch and Knob Cone Pine surround, knee-high Wilson Holly buffer wind thick, green leathery leaves highlight bright, red berries a grove of the White Poplar tree form a pyramid and sway in a light breeze leaves flicker green then white.  Above ye head clouds drift and contort across the sky, hawks ride the wind… Continue reading conveyance launder

Forward into the Hinterland Part 2

It has been one and a half hour since leaving Flint and almost three hours on the road with nine to go when Mom and Dad decide to stop at the rest area near Standish, Michigan.  Standish, incorporated the same year that the railroad reached town in 1871, started as a lumber town and sawmills…… Continue reading Forward into the Hinterland Part 2

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