Colorize: to cause to appear in color.

Colorizing photographs has been around for at least 100 years for me a fraction of this time dating back to the 1990’s when I worked at photo lab in Southern California. Part of the printing process was to touch up color photographs with dust spots this is were it all began for me; soon I…… Continue reading Colorize: to cause to appear in color.

one day I drove down this road, my eye spies, I stop to investigate. walking up to this gate I halt and strain for a better look. under these humming lines of power and technology... in the far back corner of this field something stuck out just beyond the poles of technology... looking as if… Continue reading roadside discovery

Reflection off car cleaned of debris A sprinkler on hot summer day Soft breeze, sunny day, water sparkles Pug eyed Nothing deters the mind is afloat Aaaaaaaaa, there it is Clear in mind Small town People influx Canoes, tents, Subaru s Small town overwhelmed Cha-ching Money, money, money Now the crowds have gone Peace The… Continue reading Escapism

while on a three hour drive to the high desert of central oregon i pass through the majestic cascade mountains still capped in winter's fortress.  aside from drivers tailgating itching to go faster than the 60mph of energy my small scion engine generates along the two-lane highway through the mountain pass, the trip went without… Continue reading changing direction

The following has been, courteously, translated into English: Angelica had just fooled S.C. Finland's top agent, he will not be aware of the blunder until she is well on her way home, to Sweden. Angelica had no time to loose, no time to relish in victory  she must get the microfilm to government officials. Conveniently… Continue reading greatly miniaturized reproductions have been recorded

just arrive back in town from a week long venture to renton, washington as part of a team of retail merchandisers re-setting product and shelving of a major pharmaceutical/retail chain store.  three hours to drive home under partly cloudy skies and, at times, heavy rain. cars disappearing into a light mist of road wash as… Continue reading merchandise, merchandise, merchandise

Insert, turn key, push door open . The ambience  of the room had an immediate affect on Michelle drapes on  the huge  window were pulled back allowing the non-obstructed sun to illuminate the full brilliance of the gaily painted room. As if she'd just opened the best Christmas gift ever,"Alllllll right"  sprang from her lips.… Continue reading There comes a moment

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