During a break at work today I ponder the seasonal change And could not help but sense Not just the quarterly alteration of the land No Something more, something deeper The proverbial illumination brightens For seems like yesterday   The dark in the morning that winter was before us Summer's household lamp comes on And… Continue reading Pacific Northwest Temperament

Suddenly, a time warp into a land of rugged outcroppings, misty mountains, dense forest, Lake Superior, few people, a sense of sanctuary from noisy city life below the bridge. The roadway mimics this going from the six lanes of I-75 speed to two lanes of slower highway US 2 twisting along the battered shoreline of northern Lake Michigan. Sunlight dances through birch, maple, and White pine trees triggering visions of Menominee and Chippewa Indians, Jesuit priests, trappers, lumber camps, of British expansion, American conquest.

Wide-eyed and super-glued to the television watching the feed from high gain cameras on the ground and in the air (not even nail polish could tear me away) as the first stage engines cut off, separates, then the five J-2 engines of the second stage ignite pushing the mission into space.

The Smile Before the Kiss

    “…of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world she walks into mine…”  Humphrey Bogart, Casablanca.   Melinda came into and out of my life in a blur but what a beautiful impression intelligent, sexy, long strawberry blond hair, oversized glass, killer smile.  We worked for the same employer,…… Continue reading The Smile Before the Kiss


  Wow, summer already that means today that yearly Finnish tradition of Midsummer or Juhannus celebration marking the beginning of summer, commences.  In Finland, this is a public holiday starting on Friday as people pack the car and hit the road for that country cottage and sauna on the lake leaving vacate cities behind.  How…… Continue reading Juhannus

barefoot in the park

Well this is a first for me in many a year, barefoot in the park for lack of better description.  The temperature here in Vancouver, Wa is an unseasonably 102 degree (according to the thermometer on my patio) and after a few hours of writing and watching the webcam of people move up and down…… Continue reading barefoot in the park

Forward to the Hinterland, Part 6 Atlantic Mine

 “Once you have lived on the land, been a partner with its’ moods, secrets, and seasons you cannot leave.  The living land remembers, touching you in unguarded moments saying, ‘I am here, you are part of me,’” from the book The Land Remembers by Ben Logon.    Atlantic Mine began as an outcropping of native…… Continue reading Forward to the Hinterland, Part 6 Atlantic Mine

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