The place:  Fort Steilacoom Park The city:  Lakewood, Washington The scene:  Nikki and Alejandro at the park. Curtain, birds,music,action!   Nikki:  “Alejandra, Alejandro.  Wake up are you OK?” Nikki shakes his shoulder lovingly while kneeling beside him. Alejandro:  “Huh, what?  Oh hello.” Alejandro visibly in another world focuses attention. Nikki:  “You were breathing heavily, you… Continue reading Lofty Passion

Suddenly, a time warp into a land of rugged outcroppings, misty mountains, dense forest, Lake Superior, few people, a sense of sanctuary from noisy city life below the bridge. The roadway mimics this going from the six lanes of I-75 speed to two lanes of slower highway US 2 twisting along the battered shoreline of northern Lake Michigan. Sunlight dances through birch, maple, and White pine trees triggering visions of Menominee and Chippewa Indians, Jesuit priests, trappers, lumber camps, of British expansion, American conquest.

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