So endless the week appears Five days this task Eight hours each, two teams of ten Merchandise shifts, rearranged in Renton, Washington Dust swirls, the nose overburden Ah-choo, ah-choo, ah-choo   Final day mini-trip Local lake I park Waves slap on shore near and far Mountains rise the backdrop Clouds grey and dark the painting… Continue reading Overworked

Insert, turn key, push door open . The ambience  of the room had an immediate affect on Michelle drapes on  the huge  window were pulled back allowing the non-obstructed sun to illuminate the full brilliance of the gaily painted room. As if she'd just opened the best Christmas gift ever,"Alllllll right"  sprang from her lips.… Continue reading There comes a moment

A shame I did not snap your portrait there I can see you long strawberry blonde hair whipped by the winds as if a flag on a pole, mmmmmmmmmm. 

Writing is an interesting craft, words, phrases, stories pop in an out constantly. Sometimes as I dash for notebook and pencil they tarnish. Not deterred, I wait for more or a forgotten one to return. But it is not giants like P.G. Wodehouse, James Michener, Thurber, or White  standing at the front of the line… Continue reading Inspiration

Pull hair, scratch head Stare deeply into screen What is that out the window Hhhmmm, more interesting Wait no! Back to screen Why is nothing surfacing Why Wait a moment, nonstop fingers now synopsis' firing Maybe, just maybe I can now get some work done

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