This radio thing is GREAT I commend whoever created it .   Yesterday I was listening to the Colorado Redwings, oops there I go again, the Colorado Avalanche playoff game against the Minnesota Wild with the announcers, I forget the names, adding color. Doing some bookkeeping and other stuff online I listen to Patrick Roy's first… Continue reading So it begins the race for The Cup, eh?


For the 2013-2014 hockey season I made the tough choice of not signing up for NHL Center Ice due to financial reasons which immediately caused sweaty palms, biting of the fingernails, shakes, and a wet brow.  How can one enjoy the thrilling game of hockey without seeing the bone crunching checks, body slams into the…… Continue reading RADIO WAVES

Oh no, not the Dentist

I sink about five inches into the sofa and thumb through a tourist magazine for Washington State, as I am 15 minutes early.  The waiting room is of a dark tone with low lighting to relax the mind as you wait for whatever has brought to the dentist office.  Plowing through the magazine a patient…… Continue reading Oh no, not the Dentist

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