The Hiatus is over.

Anticipation mounts and I finally buckle under the pressure of returning to writing after an unplanned departure.  Last summer the time had arrived to  join partner Alfred’s small business, a head shop, which opened in April 2011 and staggered like a drunken soldier, as startups are known to do, with Alfred literally pounding the pavement to get the name…… Continue reading The Hiatus is over.

Ouch!!! The Pain, The Pain!

 What seems like four weeks ago, more or less, toward the end a one-hour gym routine I felt discomfort in my upper right arm deciding it due to lack of exercise and would go away in time.  I even rigged some weights at home with pennies, and empty glass jars to expedite the situation.  Boy…… Continue reading Ouch!!! The Pain, The Pain!

Muscle aching, landscaping, tree trimming, moss removing yard work

Today, here in Camas, Washington the weather 60 degrees which is warm for this time of year and naturally since spring is just around the corner what better time than now get outside and scratch the soil, eh?  So, after my morning walk consisting of myself, our pug Smokey Joe, and 30 minutes around the…… Continue reading Muscle aching, landscaping, tree trimming, moss removing yard work