Expansive Sky blue Water fresh, deep Laughter echoes across mesmerizing waves Cliffs tower above rocky shores Tranquil coves Freighters move commerce Knowingly aware Power Waves crash Frigid Calm Superior  

During a break at work today I ponder the seasonal change And could not help but sense Not just the quarterly alteration of the land No Something more, something deeper The proverbial illumination brightens For seems like yesterday   The dark in the morning that winter was before us Summer's household lamp comes on And… Continue reading Pacific Northwest Temperament

Car after car after car after car hot the sun right in the face i push on more cars to clean soon drenched in own perspiration relief is what i require dart inside for big cool down ignoring all i head for best a.c. of all stand in main cooler arms stretched outward awaiting delivery… Continue reading Warmness Reprise


The following just ran down the brain like a bead of sweat down the forehead: Peopled cocooned in air conditioning Can’t crack the window too hot, whaaaah, burp, whaaaah Can’t sweat Ruin the dress Me Bring it on Love to sweat Alive Don’t worry you won’t die Sweat down the breast Tank top drenched Oh…… Continue reading Warmness

  Yeah!  Saturday, which is my Friday, is here! Work is wonderful, customers are all right and do nothing wrong! So much glee in the heart, going way out of my way to satisfy, you know the extra, extra mile! Hello, what is this a missed call and text message! Suddenly, so popular and at… Continue reading Friday Revisited

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