I don't have anything but basic tv so if the Stanley finals is not on nbc I rely on, dare I say it radio! NO! I also get tidbits online but some this is going back in time, for me it adds excitement to the process.  watching on nhl.com the preshow feed of nhl network I got… Continue reading Would you expect anything less, hey it’s the cup afterall, eh?

Go Boston!    While doing some writing earlier I logged onto nhl.com to check score 1-0 boston then back to writing.  minutes later checked again and now in 2nd period boston 4-1 YES!  so far those curse arrows are finding the mark looking forward to watching this one as i dont have cable station and nhl center ice… Continue reading the cup race is heating up, eh?

First off even in defeat comes victory as now a bit more time is added to prepare for the journey to the east in october.  i for one am looking forward to new rivalries, reaquiantances,  and more bumps and bruises, fun.  Go Wings.   The penguins must be smarting from the arrows sent and will be… Continue reading rough and tumble for the cup! bump and bruise, eh?

Bang on! It is the Cup!

I am pumped, I can feel it, the Redwings are turning into something they have not experienced that of being the Cinderella Team.  Apparently the Arrow of Curse I shot into the air  has gotten caught in all the wind blowing through Chicago this is ok I have plenty!   On a side note it looks…… Continue reading Bang on! It is the Cup!

i recall a few years ago in 2003 a little coach with the last name of babcock took a lesser, lets call them david, team of hockey players  against a mighter giant, lets say goliath, team of hockey players and not only beat them in a sweep but that giant was the stanley cup champ detroit redwings.   fastforward to the present… Continue reading after all it’s the cup, man!

so the curse is flat, for now, game 2 with pittsburg and ottawa game 2 tomorrow so i shot an arrow into the air and where it lands... now the wings will rebound has have in the past, the b's took the first as it looks like the sharks may be swept, now that would be ironic,… Continue reading because it is the cup and worth the worry!

wow! boston is either now going to cruise through or have to dig into the reserve fuel tanks, what a game! the city of toronto must have been popping corks mid-third period before THE MIRCLE! Boston and the Ranges look out. At this time I would like to reapply the curse to pittsburg although Ottawa is strong… Continue reading round 1 down now round 2, it’ the cup

the last team mike babcock coached was the anaheim ducks and at that time he and the ducks dethroned the detroit redwings in the first round, now mr babcock is the coach of the wings and has dethroned the ducks.  by the way the ducks that year, 2003, was the underdog and made the finals only to loose to… Continue reading now the fun really begins! it’s the CUP, eh?

just listened to game 7 between wings and ducks on nhl radio and found this more exciting than watching on tv, talk about a nailbiter! i was able to listen and fist pump as the wings marched on and at the same time get some house work done. each team won their home games until tonite,… Continue reading game 7’s cant ask for more excitment when playing for THE CUP!

listening to nhl radio as dont have cable tv coverage, pittsburg just scored on so i am reapplying the curse.  the ny isles annoucer is putting a lot of color into the game, love it man!  tomorrow's detroit and anaheim game is going to be fun for some and anguish for others, i betting the disappointment will be in… Continue reading It’s the cup, eh? miracles and fantastic finishes abound!

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