on a walk this fine summer day i stumbled upon what appears to be the place where the ashes of burnt bridges are laid to rest and if you are new to the game of life right next is a small but right to point business on cooking so when it comes time to burn… Continue reading serendipitous

following you will find pictures accumulated over many late evening walks this summer of a bridge linking washington state to oregon, a bridge that dominates the vancouver, washington skyline and is hard to miss. the interstate bridge was constructed early on in the 20th century and once carried house and buggy then interurbans across one… Continue reading loving the art of photography, part deux

now i am no pro pix taker, have no elaborate equipment, setups, tripods, or gadgets just two eyes, passion, and many years of exposure (pun intended) to other photographers whilst in the enployment of a camera store owner worker with fun and gorgeous co-workers. one slow sunday afternoon at the mall location i pickup a… Continue reading loving the art of photography, part uno

oh i would love to go back to this time just to witness the moon towers in their nightly glow. From a rooftop on Woodward Avenue looking nne. Enjoy; I sure did.http://www.shorpy.com/node/21261?size=_original#caption via Another Shorpy Gem -- Detroit, 1899 — DetroitYES Forums

Partners in Fun

Hands down the Warner Brothers, and the Warner Sister are the best partners since the Marx Brothers.  How much in sync could partners get than three siblings as the romp through adventures after adventures after adventures.  Not familiar with this wacky trio, got Netflix or similar service search and yea shall be enlightened. More words…… Continue reading Partners in Fun

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