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The place:  Fort Steilacoom Park The city:  Lakewood, Washington The scene:  Nikki and Alejandro at the park. Curtain, birds,music,action!   Nikki:  “Alejandra, Alejandro.  Wake up are you OK?” Nikki shakes his shoulder lovingly while kneeling beside him. Alejandro:  “Huh, what?  Oh hello.” Alejandro visibly in another world focuses attention. Nikki:  “You were breathing heavily, you… Continue reading Lofty Passion

The other day at work, around 6pm just as the sun began it's decent towards the western horizon and temperature reached about 100 degrees something in air:   cars gleaming in the sunshine precede one by one through the zen tunnel of wash out the other end pretty and proud now silence except wind whipped… Continue reading Therapeutic

The accent lighting on the facade highlights the waxing crescent moon the tiny bright spot above it that is Jupiter captures the eye, the shadows of pine trees contrast. As I finish nightly chores at the filling station/carwash the above captures my eye and attention. Ceasing work and I stare, wonder, celestial chills run throughout… Continue reading moon

wow, wow, wow, wow I shout driving home from work at about 11pm pst last night, almost drove into a ditch for there just above the treeline, a huge half moon or wanning gibbous. I don't know the celestial reasoning but that baby filled the sky, moonstruck. upon arriving home I walk in the front… Continue reading half moon

Wide-eyed and super-glued to the television watching the feed from high gain cameras on the ground and in the air (not even nail polish could tear me away) as the first stage engines cut off, separates, then the five J-2 engines of the second stage ignite pushing the mission into space.

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