Deep woods By the lake Smoke from chimney hangs lazily Sauna! Enter changing room Beverage cold on ice Now, deep inside Burning wood aroma Hot rocks Water tossed Steam arise Hotter, hotter, hotter Aaaahhhh Sauna! Birch branch bundle Slap, slap, slap Blood flows pores open Sweat, sweat, sweat Aaaahhhh Changing room again Cold one and… Continue reading Sowna (Sauna)

All ages swarm Crowd around Get the best angle The BIG Yellow Duck in Duluth! Walkers collide, bicycles dodge Vendors, vend to tourist and local alike Tall ships, sails delight ply the harbor Orange is the new color Eyes follow down the Canal Entry, Bridge, into the Harbor more Tall Ships, then to Pier B… Continue reading Something yellow this way comes

Howling good time

The north and south jetty walls extend about 1000’ into cold, deep freshwater lighthouses at each end guide ships. A sea going freighter lay anchored off shore one mile waiting for whatever such a vessel waits for, motor boats and yachts meander into open waters. The north wall seems to be the most popular with…… Continue reading Howling good time

hockey, eh?

anyone out there watching the final days of the season particularly in the west? if minnesota looses saturday is going to be very exciting for detroit (go wings!), minnesota, and columbus not to mention the highs and lows for those fans following. who will win?

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