Suddenly, a time warp into a land of rugged outcroppings, misty mountains, dense forest, Lake Superior, few people, a sense of sanctuary from noisy city life below the bridge. The roadway mimics this going from the six lanes of I-75 speed to two lanes of slower highway US 2 twisting along the battered shoreline of northern Lake Michigan. Sunlight dances through birch, maple, and White pine trees triggering visions of Menominee and Chippewa Indians, Jesuit priests, trappers, lumber camps, of British expansion, American conquest.

oh i would love to go back to this time just to witness the moon towers in their nightly glow. From a rooftop on Woodward Avenue looking nne. Enjoy; I sure did. via Another Shorpy Gem -- Detroit, 1899 — DetroitYES Forums

All ages swarm Crowd around Get the best angle The BIG Yellow Duck in Duluth! Walkers collide, bicycles dodge Vendors, vend to tourist and local alike Tall ships, sails delight ply the harbor Orange is the new color Eyes follow down the Canal Entry, Bridge, into the Harbor more Tall Ships, then to Pier B… Continue reading Something yellow this way comes

Summer Journeys Cars/vans packed to the gill with luggage and family RVs lumber down the road bicycles on back hanging on for dear life Vast oceans are crossed tiny island are invaded by swarms of tourists Envious? Yes, sometimes wishing I can join Financial burden is my delay But when I stop to ponder and… Continue reading I’ve been everywhere man, well almost


  Wow, summer already that means today that yearly Finnish tradition of Midsummer or Juhannus celebration marking the beginning of summer, commences.  In Finland, this is a public holiday starting on Friday as people pack the car and hit the road for that country cottage and sauna on the lake leaving vacate cities behind.  How…… Continue reading Juhannus

What I like or Love, a many splendored thing

Here we go:   Writing The shine and feel of native copper nuggets passing over and between my fingers. Wind rustling leaves The warmth of the sun as it emerges from behind clouds Geography, particular desert. Space exploration Breathing the freshest most vitalizing air on earth The Erie Canal The psychological affect of gardening Physical…… Continue reading What I like or Love, a many splendored thing

Church, literally

Patrons search in vain for membership card Some squat drawn into subject matter Others laugh attention deep into the screen before them Workers shuffle books on carts and onto shelves I am home, my church, my library   Thank you Mom

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