Bethel Drive in Eugene, Oregon has become my favorite train spotting location; it is a two lane asphalt roadway one mile in length flooded with power poles and running parallel to Union Pacific’s rail yard; on the other side of the tracks (no pun intended) civilian living.   I will intentionally go out of my way… Continue reading Acquaintances

flora and surroundings

now that I live in eugene, Oregon I find the best way  to get the lay of a new land is to sling camera over the shoulder and get lost, I mean what better way to find yourself, eh? eugene is built on the lumber and agricultural industries the former not so much today however,…… Continue reading flora and surroundings

“Get me Jokinen!” Chief of national security barks to his aide, Thomas.

“Yes sir, right away! Ah, sir would that be Jarmo, Jukka, Jussi, Jaakko, or Matti?”

Changing careers is daunting mountains of paperwork, benefit packages, employee handbooks, training, training, training and, of course, the voluntary drug test that if declined your employment most likely is in decline. The following actually occurred so help me, me:       Hhhhmmmm, slowing the Ford Galaxy I find the address correct however, the business… Continue reading Filth Test

Deep woods By the lake Smoke from chimney hangs lazily Sauna! Enter changing room Beverage cold on ice Now, deep inside Burning wood aroma Hot rocks Water tossed Steam arise Hotter, hotter, hotter Aaaahhhh Sauna! Birch branch bundle Slap, slap, slap Blood flows pores open Sweat, sweat, sweat Aaaahhhh Changing room again Cold one and… Continue reading Sowna (Sauna)

Expansive Sky blue Water fresh, deep Laughter echoes across mesmerizing waves Cliffs tower above rocky shores Tranquil coves Freighters move commerce Knowingly aware Power Waves crash Frigid Calm Superior  

A request,  this is my first foray into short stories and would love some feedback good, bad, improvements i can take it. and now without further ado: Frank Nelson and Robert Benny sat restlessly at their usual table at the Breakfast Diner surrounded by eggs, stacks of pancakes, sausage, and toast but they weren’t here… Continue reading Stumps with a Zing

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