The following has been, courteously, translated into English: Angelica had just fooled S.C. Finland's top agent, he will not be aware of the blunder until she is well on her way home, to Sweden. Angelica had no time to loose, no time to relish in victory  she must get the microfilm to government officials. Conveniently… Continue reading greatly miniaturized reproductions have been recorded

Llllooonnnggg three days:  whirlwind merchandising jobs starting in Kelso and Vancouver, Washington then heading southeast three hours into the setting sun, through the Cascade Mountains of Central Oregon ending up in Redmond and Bend, Oregon.  Once the tasks complete driving back to Vancouver is enjoyable, cloudless sky, thought provoking sun shine, and a dry roadway… Continue reading What really happened?

So endless the week appears Five days this task Eight hours each, two teams of ten Merchandise shifts, rearranged in Renton, Washington Dust swirls, the nose overburden Ah-choo, ah-choo, ah-choo   Final day mini-trip Local lake I park Waves slap on shore near and far Mountains rise the backdrop Clouds grey and dark the painting… Continue reading Overworked

just arrive back in town from a week long venture to renton, washington as part of a team of retail merchandisers re-setting product and shelving of a major pharmaceutical/retail chain store.  three hours to drive home under partly cloudy skies and, at times, heavy rain. cars disappearing into a light mist of road wash as… Continue reading merchandise, merchandise, merchandise

Insert, turn key, push door open . The ambience  of the room had an immediate affect on Michelle drapes on  the huge  window were pulled back allowing the non-obstructed sun to illuminate the full brilliance of the gaily painted room. As if she'd just opened the best Christmas gift ever,"Alllllll right"  sprang from her lips.… Continue reading There comes a moment

Ding! Dong! Colborn gets up walking slowly to the front door"Of course just as I get the seat cushions right who is out on a day like today?" The howling January wind and iced roads outside combined with the toasty warm living room inside lulls Colborn into finally addressing his taxes and now someone has… Continue reading The Return of Lady Alvilda

Changing careers is daunting mountains of paperwork, benefit packages, employee handbooks, training, training, training and, of course, the voluntary drug test that if declined your employment most likely is in decline. The following actually occurred so help me, me:       Hhhhmmmm, slowing the Ford Galaxy I find the address correct however, the business… Continue reading Filth Test

writing, fighting fighting, writing the wordsmith is drained no prose no pose Grey clouds drift on high underneath fall in bloom a heavy sigh so much around abound yet nothing found so i frown the sad clown so i will search my porch perched     damn what was i doing?

Pope Stuff

Closing up the laptop, days end, and I turn to television scanning Netflix stopping on a comedy/drama, We Have A Pope by Italian director Nanni Moretti.  Now religion is not my cup of tea but curiosity overrules as this movie mimics recent news.  The show is about the passing away of the Pope and the election…… Continue reading Pope Stuff

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