i have climbed through stone foundations of long past industry and so enjoy the mystery piecing together what once was, a recent discover that tickles the mind: sidewalks once taking the punishment of many a leather shoe today encroaching grass, weeds slowly consume but there is a twist. whilst on a late evening walk after… Continue reading steps in the direction of nowhere

on a walk this fine summer day i stumbled upon what appears to be the place where the ashes of burnt bridges are laid to rest and if you are new to the game of life right next is a small but right to point business on cooking so when it comes time to burn… Continue reading serendipitous

Arid, under the arm before application desolate lonely flash floods panic, not just in detroit thirsty California sparse landscape death valley-twilight zone cold nights hot days aqua-duct lush vegetables dusty tumbling weeds, many parched lipped cowboys never ending drought, seemingly depression hope GET THE HECK OUT'A THERE!    

while on a three hour drive to the high desert of central oregon i pass through the majestic cascade mountains still capped in winter's fortress.  aside from drivers tailgating itching to go faster than the 60mph of energy my small scion engine generates along the two-lane highway through the mountain pass, the trip went without… Continue reading changing direction

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