Expansive Sky blue Water fresh, deep Laughter echoes across mesmerizing waves Cliffs tower above rocky shores Tranquil coves Freighters move commerce Knowingly aware Power Waves crash Frigid Calm Superior  

Suddenly, a time warp into a land of rugged outcroppings, misty mountains, dense forest, Lake Superior, few people, a sense of sanctuary from noisy city life below the bridge. The roadway mimics this going from the six lanes of I-75 speed to two lanes of slower highway US 2 twisting along the battered shoreline of northern Lake Michigan. Sunlight dances through birch, maple, and White pine trees triggering visions of Menominee and Chippewa Indians, Jesuit priests, trappers, lumber camps, of British expansion, American conquest.

Summer Journeys Cars/vans packed to the gill with luggage and family RVs lumber down the road bicycles on back hanging on for dear life Vast oceans are crossed tiny island are invaded by swarms of tourists Envious? Yes, sometimes wishing I can join Financial burden is my delay But when I stop to ponder and… Continue reading I’ve been everywhere man, well almost


  Wow, summer already that means today that yearly Finnish tradition of Midsummer or Juhannus celebration marking the beginning of summer, commences.  In Finland, this is a public holiday starting on Friday as people pack the car and hit the road for that country cottage and sauna on the lake leaving vacate cities behind.  How…… Continue reading Juhannus

What I like or Love, a many splendored thing

Here we go:   Writing The shine and feel of native copper nuggets passing over and between my fingers. Wind rustling leaves The warmth of the sun as it emerges from behind clouds Geography, particular desert. Space exploration Breathing the freshest most vitalizing air on earth The Erie Canal The psychological affect of gardening Physical…… Continue reading What I like or Love, a many splendored thing

Why I write.

I want to write, and write, and write, and write straight through the morning into the afternoon, and late into the night unfortunately bills are to be paid.  When walking my dog Fisher the early summer breeze and partly cloudy skies is refreshing stirring emotions, and remembrances of childhood summer and vacations.  I smile and…… Continue reading Why I write.

The Attic

Evenings I choose to drive the scenic city route home from work along East Mill Plain Blvd through Vancouver, Washington instead of State Route Highway 14, which is like driving on a NASCAR track. On the radio Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture fills the interior with seductive, relaxing sounds, mind reflective from wet pavement after a late…… Continue reading The Attic

Something Tall in Munising

The earliest recollection was at the age of seven, circa 1965, sitting in the back seat of the Pykonen family station wagon our destination the Copper Country in the northwest corner of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on the Keweenaw Peninsula. To get there we pass Munising, Michigan on the southern shore of Lac Superior and a…… Continue reading Something Tall in Munising


For the 2013-2014 hockey season I made the tough choice of not signing up for NHL Center Ice due to financial reasons which immediately caused sweaty palms, biting of the fingernails, shakes, and a wet brow.  How can one enjoy the thrilling game of hockey without seeing the bone crunching checks, body slams into the…… Continue reading RADIO WAVES

Patrick Why

Well hockey fans the season is here and as I mentioned no video for me this year but I can still listen to the games which is just as exciting as watching!  The Redwings started on the both legs on this young season looking forward to see where they land in April.   Well the Colorado…… Continue reading Patrick Why

The Ditch

Part 1 Introduction   Born and raised in southeastern Michigan near Detroit I developed an appreciation for the Great Lakes region due to family vacations along the rugged Keweenaw Peninsula. Like a favorite song you listen to so many times that spawn an interest to hear more from the band, I set about learning the…… Continue reading The Ditch

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