Young, middle-aged, and elderly men in overalls several chewing on pipes huddle around a potbellied stove talk the checkers game in progress, how the lower 40 need plowing before next week, politics, or how Cousin Edna’s cows ran amuck all over her laundry. The cart is the stove inside the store that draws the people that brings out the conversation.

Assiduous Personality

What I so like about blogging, aside from the serious writing I so enjoy, is that when something funny comes up I now have somewhere to share like an email I received yesterday soliciting my employment and what follows are portions of the email dissected for all to enjoy: Dear Applicant, By this message we…… Continue reading Assiduous Personality

Pope Stuff

Closing up the laptop, days end, and I turn to television scanning Netflix stopping on a comedy/drama, We Have A Pope by Italian director Nanni Moretti.  Now religion is not my cup of tea but curiosity overrules as this movie mimics recent news.  The show is about the passing away of the Pope and the election…… Continue reading Pope Stuff

Re-employment Orientation

In accordance to Washington State unemployment all new applicants must go through orientation for re-employment. Back in February I reported the election of a severance package offered by the cable company I worked for which lowered the pay scale as part of changes for financial gain. With the acceptance I am eligible for unemployment benefits so…… Continue reading Re-employment Orientation

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