all of the colorful photographs below are taken in and around skinner's butte in eugene except the colonial looking building with the huge pine tree and the same building taken from a side view. the statue-like of saturn is of many placed throughout skinner's butte and adjoining alton baker park displaying the nine planets and… Continue reading mining photographic gold

hey mac get me those panos! right c.j.!

many moons ago 35mm film cameras were formated to shoot in a panoramic nature (mainly blocking off the top and bottom portions of the film) turning me into an instant fan.  when movies began showing up in theaters and on vhs tape with the “letterbox”  format i dreamed of, someday, being able to shoot pictures…… Continue reading hey mac get me those panos! right c.j.!

the times they are a changin’

at this time of year when we are seeing green and I don’t mean beer no, the first signs of spring are sprouting, men, women, dogs, cats, and even birds are emerging from the long sometimes cold, sometimes brutal, but nonetheless necessary.  soon summers heat then back to that what is depicted below.  All of…… Continue reading the times they are a changin’

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