Deep woods By the lake Smoke from chimney hangs lazily Sauna! Enter changing room Beverage cold on ice Now, deep inside Burning wood aroma Hot rocks Water tossed Steam arise Hotter, hotter, hotter Aaaahhhh Sauna! Birch branch bundle Slap, slap, slap Blood flows pores open Sweat, sweat, sweat Aaaahhhh Changing room again Cold one and… Continue reading Sowna (Sauna)


The following just ran down the brain like a bead of sweat down the forehead: Peopled cocooned in air conditioning Can’t crack the window too hot, whaaaah, burp, whaaaah Can’t sweat Ruin the dress Me Bring it on Love to sweat Alive Don’t worry you won’t die Sweat down the breast Tank top drenched Oh…… Continue reading Warmness

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