just arrive back in town from a week long venture to renton, washington as part of a team of retail merchandisers re-setting product and shelving of a major pharmaceutical/retail chain store.  three hours to drive home under partly cloudy skies and, at times, heavy rain. cars disappearing into a light mist of road wash as… Continue reading merchandise, merchandise, merchandise

Insert, turn key, push door open . The ambience  of the room had an immediate affect on Michelle drapes on  the huge  window were pulled back allowing the non-obstructed sun to illuminate the full brilliance of the gaily painted room. As if she'd just opened the best Christmas gift ever,"Alllllll right"  sprang from her lips.… Continue reading There comes a moment

Young, middle-aged, and elderly men in overalls several chewing on pipes huddle around a potbellied stove talk the checkers game in progress, how the lower 40 need plowing before next week, politics, or how Cousin Edna’s cows ran amuck all over her laundry. The cart is the stove inside the store that draws the people that brings out the conversation.

First Day, First Event, First Fun

The following is the second installment of: Episodic Dedication   Black pants check, black shirt check, block socks check, black shoes check, black and red company cap check, black apron check all is right in the world preparing for my novice career as Event Specialist (for a recap on how I got this far see: …… Continue reading First Day, First Event, First Fun

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