Goodbye 2015 you warped and frustration old year!

In January, myself and business associate are still hunting for retail space to move our pipe shop into after three plus years in one location. As with any new small business, the first few years are rough while building the brand and just as St. Johns Crystal Cathedral begins reaching new heights the property owner…… Continue reading Goodbye 2015 you warped and frustration old year!

Ford Galaxie 500 (reprise)

   The usually uneventful 20 mile drive home from the shop I do volunteer work at was interrupted the other day while cruising in my Ford Galaxie 500 when the 390 power house engine momentarily sputter, slowed, then returned to it’s normal deliverance.  A short distant down the road it happened again, my heart raced,…… Continue reading Ford Galaxie 500 (reprise)