hey mac get me those panos! right c.j.!

many moons ago 35mm film cameras were formated to shoot in a panoramic nature (mainly blocking off the top and bottom portions of the film) turning me into an instant fan.  when movies began showing up in theaters and on vhs tape with the “letterbox”  format i dreamed of, someday, being able to shoot pictures…… Continue reading hey mac get me those panos! right c.j.!

“The Photo Sociology “I Can Do Better Than A Turner” Photography Award”

“Have you ever wondered what makes a photographer or an artist famous? Felt that you or others have achieved equal or better results but do not hve the same recognition? Who decides that one persons work is worthy of critical acclaim? I saw a winning Turner Prize series of photo’s recently and thought to myself…… Continue reading “The Photo Sociology “I Can Do Better Than A Turner” Photography Award”

    let's see we have a mix of colors and black and white tones in these shots taken over past several months.  i admit i have an addiction one that i see no cure for:  camera in hand, sturdy walking shoes, all sorts of scenery, angles, lighting conditions, and an eye for composition. oh… Continue reading Shots of this and that, don’t ya know.

With the sun still minutes above the fall horizon, I park the Scion inside Fort Vancouver National Park, switch from a cramped pair of work shoes to those for walking (I always carry a pair just in case) grab the Nikon and head out.

i have climbed through stone foundations of long past industry and so enjoy the mystery piecing together what once was, a recent discover that tickles the mind: sidewalks once taking the punishment of many a leather shoe today encroaching grass, weeds slowly consume but there is a twist. whilst on a late evening walk after… Continue reading steps in the direction of nowhere

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