Deep woods By the lake Smoke from chimney hangs lazily Sauna! Enter changing room Beverage cold on ice Now, deep inside Burning wood aroma Hot rocks Water tossed Steam arise Hotter, hotter, hotter Aaaahhhh Sauna! Birch branch bundle Slap, slap, slap Blood flows pores open Sweat, sweat, sweat Aaaahhhh Changing room again Cold one and… Continue reading Sowna (Sauna)

Suddenly, a time warp into a land of rugged outcroppings, misty mountains, dense forest, Lake Superior, few people, a sense of sanctuary from noisy city life below the bridge. The roadway mimics this going from the six lanes of I-75 speed to two lanes of slower highway US 2 twisting along the battered shoreline of northern Lake Michigan. Sunlight dances through birch, maple, and White pine trees triggering visions of Menominee and Chippewa Indians, Jesuit priests, trappers, lumber camps, of British expansion, American conquest.


  Wow, summer already that means today that yearly Finnish tradition of Midsummer or Juhannus celebration marking the beginning of summer, commences.  In Finland, this is a public holiday starting on Friday as people pack the car and hit the road for that country cottage and sauna on the lake leaving vacate cities behind.  How…… Continue reading Juhannus

WOW, WOW, WOW! Saturday is my day to do chores, vacuuming, laundry, taking the dog for that LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG walk so as to make this more enjoyable I tuned in NBC TV and the Boston Bruins Montreal Canadian playoff game. Historically, these two teams don't like one another particularly when fighting for the right to call… Continue reading Back checks, body crashes, slapshots, and goals

Just a Little Hype for tonites game, eh?

So I log into to get daily scores and updates and find a video interview by former goalie Kevin Weeks on Patrick Roy just in time for the contest tonite so, I watch and Mr Roy appears calm, sincere, amiable, and honest.  Has the former goalie now coach changed?  If I hadn’t been around…… Continue reading Just a Little Hype for tonites game, eh?

Patrick Why

Well hockey fans the season is here and as I mentioned no video for me this year but I can still listen to the games which is just as exciting as watching!  The Redwings started on the both legs on this young season looking forward to see where they land in April.   Well the Colorado…… Continue reading Patrick Why

you can feel it, eh?

well, just nine more days and those in hockey town or where every there is a frozen biscuit will cuddle up to the TV, dvr, or in person and cheer on their favorites.  I took a bold step this year and am going to go for half season without the frozen pond and chilupa moving across…… Continue reading you can feel it, eh?

Congrats to Chicago for winning The Cup all season you came from behind to win in the final minutes so I think it most appropriate that the championship be won in the same way.  Just wait until next year even though teams are being realigned maybe Chicago and Detroit in the finals, eh?  It could happen,… Continue reading The Stanley Cup Finals final

This year the excitement that is The Stanley Cup Finals is felt by yours truly more so than ever before and, that includes when Detroit won, the reason not seeing it on television instead getting updates online and listening to online radio.  I've always been a romantic. I signed up for NHL Center Ice after… Continue reading Game 3 Boston, After all this is for all the money, The Cup, Eh?

Forward to the Hinterland, Part 6 Atlantic Mine

The exciting conclusion to the “Forward to the Hinterland” series is now in the works and will be popping up on blogs world wide shortly.  I thank all of you for your patience will this story is being put together!

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