Water Birch and Knob Cone Pine surround, knee-high Wilson Holly buffer wind thick, green leathery leaves highlight bright, red berries a grove of the White Poplar tree form a pyramid and sway in a light breeze leaves flicker green then white.  Above ye head clouds drift and contort across the sky, hawks ride the wind… Continue reading conveyance launder

wow, wow, wow, wow I shout driving home from work at about 11pm pst last night, almost drove into a ditch for there just above the treeline, a huge half moon or wanning gibbous. I don't know the celestial reasoning but that baby filled the sky, moonstruck. upon arriving home I walk in the front… Continue reading half moon

Summer Journeys Cars/vans packed to the gill with luggage and family RVs lumber down the road bicycles on back hanging on for dear life Vast oceans are crossed tiny island are invaded by swarms of tourists Envious? Yes, sometimes wishing I can join Financial burden is my delay But when I stop to ponder and… Continue reading I’ve been everywhere man, well almost

Breathe taking, awesome

Banff, Banff Hot Springs, Sulphur Mountain aerial lift to Sulphur Mountain peak and walkway, Lake Louise all of these are within a few minutes of each in the Canadian Rockies in the near Calgary, Alberta,  Canada the latter most spectacular.  As my traveling companion and I walked from the parking lot of the Fairmont Chateau…… Continue reading Breathe taking, awesome

The Smile Before the Kiss

    “…of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world she walks into mine…”  Humphrey Bogart, Casablanca.   Melinda came into and out of my life in a blur but what a beautiful impression intelligent, sexy, long strawberry blond hair, oversized glass, killer smile.  We worked for the same employer,…… Continue reading The Smile Before the Kiss

What I like or Love, a many splendored thing

Here we go:   Writing The shine and feel of native copper nuggets passing over and between my fingers. Wind rustling leaves The warmth of the sun as it emerges from behind clouds Geography, particular desert. Space exploration Breathing the freshest most vitalizing air on earth The Erie Canal The psychological affect of gardening Physical…… Continue reading What I like or Love, a many splendored thing

Why I write.

I want to write, and write, and write, and write straight through the morning into the afternoon, and late into the night unfortunately bills are to be paid.  When walking my dog Fisher the early summer breeze and partly cloudy skies is refreshing stirring emotions, and remembrances of childhood summer and vacations.  I smile and…… Continue reading Why I write.

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