Colorize: to cause to appear in color.

Colorizing photographs has been around for at least 100 years for me a fraction of this time dating back to the 1990’s when I worked at photo lab in Southern California. Part of the printing process was to touch up color photographs with dust spots this is were it all began for me; soon I…… Continue reading Colorize: to cause to appear in color.

Parked at Alton Baker Park in Eugene, Oregon I was caught in a downpour not unusual for the Pacific Northwest moments later the rain subsided and from the warm, dry, comfort of inside my Camry a look produced these two photographs. The angles of each car, the foreground, and the dark tree line just sang… Continue reading Radom Pictures

Momentarily caught off guard by Jim’s philosophical outburst Melinda retaliates, “That sounds like good advice however, how does this apply to our current situation?”

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