my moon your moon his moon her moon mom's moon dad's moon grandma's moon grandpa's moon siblings moon their moon our moon someone's moon luna's moon roman moon Selene-Artemis' moon greek moon earth's moon moon's moon high-class moon azure moon ancestry moon        

the monument below is located on a walkway between a new, upscale apartment complex and a new, sort of upscale business complex. toileting?  could not find definition even though one gets the idea, but toileting?   after stumbling onto the above a turn to the left, one to the right and i come upon a… Continue reading excess

writing, fighting fighting, writing the wordsmith is drained no prose no pose Grey clouds drift on high underneath fall in bloom a heavy sigh so much around abound yet nothing found so i frown the sad clown so i will search my porch perched     damn what was i doing?

The accent lighting on the facade highlights the waxing crescent moon the tiny bright spot above it that is Jupiter captures the eye, the shadows of pine trees contrast. As I finish nightly chores at the filling station/carwash the above captures my eye and attention. Ceasing work and I stare, wonder, celestial chills run throughout… Continue reading moon

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