we are inundated with ads everywhere:  billboards ads litter the highways and byways, sports announcers,"... and now we are going into the home depot power play which can very much decide the outcome of this hockey game..." or "...lets take another look at that goal from the Microsoft Outlook 2017 goal camera..." ice rink backboards… Continue reading high flying advertisement

driving home late warm evening, 60mph windows down dont care long day, long week of work and only tuesday symmetrical arrangement of air reshapes the hair local radio broadcast the planets by gustav holst:  jupiter, the bringer of jollity conincedence, livey and cheerful overflow that star, the sun, warms the left half of face oh… Continue reading needed relief

None but the brave enter. None but the soul searching for independence enter. None but the hearty, faithful, and patient enter. None but the unswerving, mettlesome, insane, nutty, overbold, and, yes, even the impetuous enter. The roads and freeways are clogged with these emboldened and encouraged souls entombed in air conditioning and swirling (depending on… Continue reading A title did not come to mind

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