None but the brave enter. None but the soul searching for independence enter. None but the hearty, faithful, and patient enter. None but the unswerving, mettlesome, insane, nutty, overbold, and, yes, even the impetuous enter. The roads and freeways are clogged with these emboldened and encouraged souls entombed in air conditioning and swirling (depending on… Continue reading A title did not come to mind

Summer Journeys Cars/vans packed to the gill with luggage and family RVs lumber down the road bicycles on back hanging on for dear life Vast oceans are crossed tiny island are invaded by swarms of tourists Envious? Yes, sometimes wishing I can join Financial burden is my delay But when I stop to ponder and… Continue reading I’ve been everywhere man, well almost

Connected to the Past

The two wires pictured here are not from an old personal computer or a vintage 80s VCR no, it is of something more powerful and enduring, nostalgic:  a 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 Police Interceptor, black and chrome.  While in the process of a minor repair to the powerful 390 engine the distinctly different wires, one…… Continue reading Connected to the Past

Ford Galaxie 500 (reprise)

   The usually uneventful 20 mile drive home from the shop I do volunteer work at was interrupted the other day while cruising in my Ford Galaxie 500 when the 390 power house engine momentarily sputter, slowed, then returned to it’s normal deliverance.  A short distant down the road it happened again, my heart raced,…… Continue reading Ford Galaxie 500 (reprise)

Modern Pioneer

Part 6  The Push to Portland   Thursday, May 7th, 8 a.m.  I step outside the morning sky is painted orange, the air cool, refreshing and further notice the space where my friends flatten Audi lay just 24 hours ago is now empty.  I hope he makes Denver ok.  Wait a minute; a Navy adage…… Continue reading Modern Pioneer

Modern Pioneer

 Part 5   Wednesday, May 6th, 1998 8 a.m.  With mind clear and body well rested, I slip the key into the door, unlock it, take my place in the driver’s seat, place the key into the ignition switch, pause and to myself:  please, please, please, please, then turn the key.  The continuous clicking of…… Continue reading Modern Pioneer


 “Don’t grow up too quickly, lest you forget how much you love the beach.” — Michelle Held   My first beach experience occurred in the summer of 1959 at the age of one at McClain State Park on the Keweenaw Peninsula (known as the Copper Country) of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula while visiting relatives during the…… Continue reading BEACHES

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