driving home late warm evening, 60mph windows down dont care long day, long week of work and only tuesday symmetrical arrangement of air reshapes the hair local radio broadcast the planets by gustav holst:  jupiter, the bringer of jollity conincedence, livey and cheerful overflow that star, the sun, warms the left half of face oh… Continue reading needed relief

after a long day of merchandising my daily evening stroll took me to a favorite park in vancouver where an actual ship's anchor is displayed that was recovered from the columbia river reportingly dating back to the mid-1800's.  the late evening sun, an easy breeze set my mind a wandering as to who constructed this… Continue reading mates

the two lane road twists to the left then the right look out better slow down sharp curve! cars follow close and move in unison with each curve as if attached, poetic with pink floyd's:  meddle. this goes on for what seems like forever then a clearing in the pine forest reveals a couple hundred… Continue reading place away from home

reprieve from crazy, savage, and sometimes insane world. in order to survive one looks around and notices the incidentals that surround. warm sun, slight breeze, soul touched. aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that's the ticket. soon the madness takes one step beyond.

Not panicked Max finds the interurban trolley in Portland, Oregon that bears his name M.A.X. (but to his dismay stands for Metropolitan Area Express) has been hijacked by those fiends of Anarchy, his arch enemy.  Why? Max is enjoying vacation time in the Pacific Northwest with companion and fellow agent Alvida when Chief called, "Max… Continue reading Vacation Interruptous

None but the brave enter. None but the soul searching for independence enter. None but the hearty, faithful, and patient enter. None but the unswerving, mettlesome, insane, nutty, overbold, and, yes, even the impetuous enter. The roads and freeways are clogged with these emboldened and encouraged souls entombed in air conditioning and swirling (depending on… Continue reading A title did not come to mind

Mrs Williamsonvich notices Maxwell's new look, "Spiked hair Maxwell, are you reverting back to yesteryear already you're only 58 years old." "I'm fit as a fiddle the hair was part of an elaborate disguise as I Maxwell Kard, Kard with a 'K' not a 'C,' just cracked The Spiked Hair caper.  Let me tell you… Continue reading Yet another merit badge

Mrs. Williamsonvich:  "Maxwell, you seem very pleased vut gives?" Max brushing hands together: "Well Mrs. Williamsonvich would you believe I actually solved a case?" Mrs. Williamsonvich hands splapping her cheeks:  "No, really vhich one?  The case of the broken arrow?" Max:  "Nope" Mrs. Williamsonvich:  "The case of the clogged toilet?" Max bewildered:  "Are you having… Continue reading Hail to the Victor!

The place:  Fort Steilacoom Park The city:  Lakewood, Washington The scene:  Nikki and Alejandro at the park. Curtain, birds,music,action!   Nikki:  “Alejandra, Alejandro.  Wake up are you OK?” Nikki shakes his shoulder lovingly while kneeling beside him. Alejandro:  “Huh, what?  Oh hello.” Alejandro visibly in another world focuses attention. Nikki:  “You were breathing heavily, you… Continue reading Lofty Passion

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