Modern Pioneer

 Part 5   Wednesday, May 6th, 1998 8 a.m.  With mind clear and body well rested, I slip the key into the door, unlock it, take my place in the driver’s seat, place the key into the ignition switch, pause and to myself:  please, please, please, please, then turn the key.  The continuous clicking of…… Continue reading Modern Pioneer

This year the excitement that is The Stanley Cup Finals is felt by yours truly more so than ever before and, that includes when Detroit won, the reason not seeing it on television instead getting updates online and listening to online radio.  I've always been a romantic. I signed up for NHL Center Ice after… Continue reading Game 3 Boston, After all this is for all the money, The Cup, Eh?

Forward to the Hinterland, Part 6 Atlantic Mine

The exciting conclusion to the “Forward to the Hinterland” series is now in the works and will be popping up on blogs world wide shortly.  I thank all of you for your patience will this story is being put together!

I don't have anything but basic tv so if the Stanley finals is not on nbc I rely on, dare I say it radio! NO! I also get tidbits online but some this is going back in time, for me it adds excitement to the process.  watching on the preshow feed of nhl network I got… Continue reading Would you expect anything less, hey it’s the cup afterall, eh?

Go Boston!    While doing some writing earlier I logged onto to check score 1-0 boston then back to writing.  minutes later checked again and now in 2nd period boston 4-1 YES!  so far those curse arrows are finding the mark looking forward to watching this one as i dont have cable station and nhl center ice… Continue reading the cup race is heating up, eh?

First off even in defeat comes victory as now a bit more time is added to prepare for the journey to the east in october.  i for one am looking forward to new rivalries, reaquiantances,  and more bumps and bruises, fun.  Go Wings.   The penguins must be smarting from the arrows sent and will be… Continue reading rough and tumble for the cup! bump and bruise, eh?

Bang on! It is the Cup!

I am pumped, I can feel it, the Redwings are turning into something they have not experienced that of being the Cinderella Team.  Apparently the Arrow of Curse I shot into the air  has gotten caught in all the wind blowing through Chicago this is ok I have plenty!   On a side note it looks…… Continue reading Bang on! It is the Cup!

Journey into Unfamiliar Territory

 With all the traveling I’ve been doing of late on the internet:  East Coast, West Coast, Midwest, Canada, Central America, Australia, England, etc. a different form of traveling comes to mind a type experienced between 1991 and 1995 when I rode the rails.  I did this not once, not twice, but thrice from Ventura, California…… Continue reading Journey into Unfamiliar Territory

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