Hockey Returns

This has been one lllooonnnngggg weekend without a hockey game stumbling around doing chores, errands, dog walking and no action to move me forward.  Still,  nothing until Tuesday but I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have never been a fan of All Star games as they aren’t really playing…… Continue reading Hockey Returns

Counting the days

sssshhhh, what was that. listen. there it goes again. it sounded like metal on ice.  again, yes I am counting the days to the beginning of the 2014-15 hockey season as there will be hope anew, excitement, slashing, hip checks, and of course GGGGGOOOOAAALLLLSSS! everyone will be out to dethrone the kings, of course the…… Continue reading Counting the days

Deja vu!  Flash back to 2003 Minnesota trailing in the playoff series against Patrick Roy and the Avalanche 3 games to 1 storm back and knock out Colorado and Mr. Roy.  Patrick retires from the game.  Fast forward to 2014 with Roy now behind the bench and facing Minnesota again and what ya know the Wild did it… Continue reading Wow Roy! Wow Kings!

This radio thing is GREAT I commend whoever created it .   Yesterday I was listening to the Colorado Redwings, oops there I go again, the Colorado Avalanche playoff game against the Minnesota Wild with the announcers, I forget the names, adding color. Doing some bookkeeping and other stuff online I listen to Patrick Roy's first… Continue reading So it begins the race for The Cup, eh?

Finally, the second season of professional hockey is set to begin and I am as giddy as a school boy; the anxiety, the anticipation mounts then finally the brackets become clear! Channels that cover the games are checked and rechecked, the rewriting of personal schedules, nothing matters in the world but the next two months,… Continue reading The Second Season, eh?

The winged wheel and those other guys!

Hello out there hockey fans!  We’ll, after  handing Colorado it’s first lost that wheel was low on air giving poor gas mileage and as I watched the Wings drop games in overtime I too became deflated!  deflated but not defeated and as hockey nation heads into month three many high flying teams have been humbled…… Continue reading The winged wheel and those other guys!

I just watched a compilation of Black Friday videos and I am appalled how people act over martial stuff, like wolves on the hunt. The next time another is critiqued for humanity rights or similar that or persons should be made to a days worth of these videos to better understand just how civilized we… Continue reading Just what is civilized?

Lunacy Tonite, eh?

Under a full moon Detroit steps onto the ice Colorado already there fans, both Redwing and Avalanche, sense a renewal of a physical rivalry.  Then the puck goes the ice SCORE!  Some say, “God is on our side”  well this evening the moon was on ours pulling two pucks into the Colorado net then in…… Continue reading Lunacy Tonite, eh?

Just a Little Hype for tonites game, eh?

So I log into to get daily scores and updates and find a video interview by former goalie Kevin Weeks on Patrick Roy just in time for the contest tonite so, I watch and Mr Roy appears calm, sincere, amiable, and honest.  Has the former goalie now coach changed?  If I hadn’t been around…… Continue reading Just a Little Hype for tonites game, eh?

Patrick Why

Well hockey fans the season is here and as I mentioned no video for me this year but I can still listen to the games which is just as exciting as watching!  The Redwings started on the both legs on this young season looking forward to see where they land in April.   Well the Colorado…… Continue reading Patrick Why

you can feel it, eh?

well, just nine more days and those in hockey town or where every there is a frozen biscuit will cuddle up to the TV, dvr, or in person and cheer on their favorites.  I took a bold step this year and am going to go for half season without the frozen pond and chilupa moving across…… Continue reading you can feel it, eh?

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