Elkton, Oregon

On any given day drivers blast through towns on their to someplace my self included however,

On any given day drivers blast through towns on their to someplace my self included however,

at this time of year the music you hear is over-stressed, played to early turned off too soon.  today while merchandising in a retail store the usual seasonal music spilled out of ceiling speakers most of which performed by the original performer some an attempt at pumping new life into the same song with modern… Continue reading the only christmas song

life can be wonderful at times.  from the hotel i am staying at in redmond, oregon (merchandising job at local grocery) a simple swivel of the desk chair and my eyes expand like that of a child seeing the christmas tree lite up in sparkling wonder. there beyond the dumpster full of reclaimed drywall, baseboards,… Continue reading nature never surrenders

Michigan State 34 Ohio State 24

Well Yeah!!!  The Spartans did what the Wolverines came within a couple of inches of doing:  bring down the Buckeyes and national championship hopes.  With the loss they wont be playing in the Big Game but will play in some bowl game as they are way too many but more importantly Michigan State will play…… Continue reading Michigan State 34 Ohio State 24

I just watched a compilation of Black Friday videos and I am appalled how people act over martial stuff, like wolves on the hunt. The next time another is critiqued for humanity rights or similar that or persons should be made to a days worth of these videos to better understand just how civilized we… Continue reading Just what is civilized?

Pitch, Roll, Yaw

These three words didn’t enter my vocabulary until 1967 when I began to seriously follow our space program to the moon.  Project Mercury I have no recall of as only three years old when John Glenn and cronies took flight, Project Gemini there are vague remembrances in the brain but it is Project Apollo that total…… Continue reading Pitch, Roll, Yaw

1965 Ford Galaxie 500 Police Interceptor

Three years ago partner Alfred, on a whim,  bought a 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 making us a three car household as we already own two Saturns a 2008 Aura and a 1996 SL sedan so adding a third was not necessary.  Since money exchanged hands and a contract signed there was nothing more to do…… Continue reading 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 Police Interceptor


A few years ago a discussion my sister is the basis for this story as my father grew tired of going  downstairs to do laundry and contemplated moving the washer and dryer upstairs.  As we talked, my mind drifted back to all the happenings down there but alas Dad never did this having passed away before his idea bore fruit and…… Continue reading THE BASEMENT

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