745am,febrary 25, 2017. bend, oregon outside temperature 24 degrees fahrenheit the car interior cccooolllddd. the past week and one half on merchandising assignments and now heading to home, sweet home.  bend is in central oregon flanked on the west by the cascade mountains and on the east by sage, pine, and cattle and on this… Continue reading back home

my heart beat quickens  for there in the center the mountain peaks stretching 10,000 plus feet gleam in winter's beauty oh what majesty i can stare for hours the strong northeasterly wind drives me back into the warmth, comfort of the Scion through the dirt speckled window i continue the gaze is it really worth… Continue reading thoughts

life can be wonderful at times.  from the hotel i am staying at in redmond, oregon (merchandising job at local grocery) a simple swivel of the desk chair and my eyes expand like that of a child seeing the christmas tree lite up in sparkling wonder. there beyond the dumpster full of reclaimed drywall, baseboards,… Continue reading nature never surrenders

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