the monument below is located on a walkway between a new, upscale apartment complex and a new, sort of upscale business complex. toileting?  could not find definition even though one gets the idea, but toileting?   after stumbling onto the above a turn to the left, one to the right and i come upon a… Continue reading excess

following you will find pictures accumulated over many late evening walks this summer of a bridge linking washington state to oregon, a bridge that dominates the vancouver, washington skyline and is hard to miss. the interstate bridge was constructed early on in the 20th century and once carried house and buggy then interurbans across one… Continue reading loving the art of photography, part deux

The other day at work, around 6pm just as the sun began it's decent towards the western horizon and temperature reached about 100 degrees something in air:   cars gleaming in the sunshine precede one by one through the zen tunnel of wash out the other end pretty and proud now silence except wind whipped… Continue reading Therapeutic

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