one day I drove down this road, my eye spies, I stop to investigate. walking up to this gate I halt and strain for a better look. under these humming lines of power and technology... in the far back corner of this field something stuck out just beyond the poles of technology... looking as if… Continue reading roadside discovery

we are inundated with ads everywhere:  billboards ads litter the highways and byways, sports announcers,"... and now we are going into the home depot power play which can very much decide the outcome of this hockey game..." or "...lets take another look at that goal from the Microsoft Outlook 2017 goal camera..." ice rink backboards… Continue reading high flying advertisement

Reflection off car cleaned of debris A sprinkler on hot summer day Soft breeze, sunny day, water sparkles Pug eyed Nothing deters the mind is afloat Aaaaaaaaa, there it is Clear in mind Small town People influx Canoes, tents, Subaru s Small town overwhelmed Cha-ching Money, money, money Now the crowds have gone Peace The… Continue reading Escapism

Car after car after car after car hot the sun right in the face i push on more cars to clean soon drenched in own perspiration relief is what i require dart inside for big cool down ignoring all i head for best a.c. of all stand in main cooler arms stretched outward awaiting delivery… Continue reading Warmness Reprise


The following just ran down the brain like a bead of sweat down the forehead: Peopled cocooned in air conditioning Can’t crack the window too hot, whaaaah, burp, whaaaah Can’t sweat Ruin the dress Me Bring it on Love to sweat Alive Don’t worry you won’t die Sweat down the breast Tank top drenched Oh…… Continue reading Warmness

Mechanically Dismayed

The following anecdote played out in numerous scenes from early February to mid-April 2015 teaching me about patience and mechanical things.  I compressed the story to keep the reader from falling asleep.   Cruising 60 mph down State Highway 14 in Washington State on my way to work in St. Johns, Oregon crashing cymbals, kettledrums,…… Continue reading Mechanically Dismayed

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