one day I drove down this road, my eye spies, I stop to investigate. walking up to this gate I halt and strain for a better look. under these humming lines of power and technology... in the far back corner of this field something stuck out just beyond the poles of technology... looking as if… Continue reading roadside discovery

Summer Journeys Cars/vans packed to the gill with luggage and family RVs lumber down the road bicycles on back hanging on for dear life Vast oceans are crossed tiny island are invaded by swarms of tourists Envious? Yes, sometimes wishing I can join Financial burden is my delay But when I stop to ponder and… Continue reading I’ve been everywhere man, well almost

barefoot in the park

Well this is a first for me in many a year, barefoot in the park for lack of better description.  The temperature here in Vancouver, Wa is an unseasonably 102 degree (according to the thermometer on my patio) and after a few hours of writing and watching the webcam of people move up and down…… Continue reading barefoot in the park

Cheering, waving, freezing, and having a good ol’ time

Growing up in Michigan during the 1960s city names of French, Indian, and English origin are all around (Warren, Detroit, St. Clair Shores, Houghton/Hancock, Mackinaw City) but , foreign sounding names like Albuquerque, NM, Pismo Beach, Cucamonga, California pop up in childhood cartoons one in particular marches across the television screen every New Year’s Day,…… Continue reading Cheering, waving, freezing, and having a good ol’ time

Passage to the Canadian Rockies

With the  travel writing here over the past few weeks and recent flooding in the Calgary, Alberta area the following anecdote from a trip to Canmore, Alberta few years ago surfaced, enjoy:  August 2009 Alfred and I climb aboard a twin-propeller jet plane and head north to Canada to the explore Canmore/Banff, Alberta area with weather forecasts of sunny…… Continue reading Passage to the Canadian Rockies

Congrats to Chicago for winning The Cup all season you came from behind to win in the final minutes so I think it most appropriate that the championship be won in the same way.  Just wait until next year even though teams are being realigned maybe Chicago and Detroit in the finals, eh?  It could happen,… Continue reading The Stanley Cup Finals final

Daguerreotype Photographs and Beyond

Twenty years have passed since last I dipped photographic film/paper into developer, stop, and fixer to produce my own Black and White images which was fun what with my darkroom even briefly venturing into colorizing them.  Today, the process is not as messy as I shoot and download picture to computer courtesy the magical world…… Continue reading Daguerreotype Photographs and Beyond