The accent lighting on the facade highlights the waxing crescent moon the tiny bright spot above it that is Jupiter captures the eye, the shadows of pine trees contrast. As I finish nightly chores at the filling station/carwash the above captures my eye and attention. Ceasing work and I stare, wonder, celestial chills run throughout… Continue reading moon

Wide-eyed and super-glued to the television watching the feed from high gain cameras on the ground and in the air (not even nail polish could tear me away) as the first stage engines cut off, separates, then the five J-2 engines of the second stage ignite pushing the mission into space.

Pitch, Roll, Yaw

These three words didn’t enter my vocabulary until 1967 when I began to seriously follow our space program to the moon.  Project Mercury I have no recall of as only three years old when John Glenn and cronies took flight, Project Gemini there are vague remembrances in the brain but it is Project Apollo that total…… Continue reading Pitch, Roll, Yaw


A few years ago a discussion my sister is the basis for this story as my father grew tired of going  downstairs to do laundry and contemplated moving the washer and dryer upstairs.  As we talked, my mind drifted back to all the happenings down there but alas Dad never did this having passed away before his idea bore fruit and…… Continue reading THE BASEMENT