one day I drove down this road, my eye spies, I stop to investigate. walking up to this gate I halt and strain for a better look. under these humming lines of power and technology... in the far back corner of this field something stuck out just beyond the poles of technology... looking as if… Continue reading roadside discovery

Off Highway 58 in Dexter, Oregon the bright neon sign atop the roof calls to locals and those tourists traveling through like Aztec Gold...

Morning Adventure

No longer in use the bridge is the cornerstone of a small rest stop on Dexter Reservoir chock full of local history.

Lowell, Oregon located 20 minutes south of Eugene is a small, quaint community where high school students meet under Cascade foothills in city square honoring loggers past.  The picture below of Lowell Covered Bridge is just outside city proper along South Pioneer Street built in 1945 replacing one constructed in 1907 due to damage from…… Continue reading Morning Adventure

all of the colorful photographs below are taken in and around skinner's butte in eugene except the colonial looking building with the huge pine tree and the same building taken from a side view. the statue-like of saturn is of many placed throughout skinner's butte and adjoining alton baker park displaying the nine planets and… Continue reading mining photographic gold

and now for something completely, completely, completely different...with lumix camera with leica lense secure in hand I ventured out into the world yesterday in search of light, subject , and scene. the following is just a portion of what i found at Skinner Butte park along the Willamette River in Eugene, Oregon; aside from the… Continue reading the annual plummet

taking my camera with me to work has paid off dividends countless and the pictures below are exceptions. the first and last photos are taken around fort Vancouver in Vancouver, Washington and those in-between in my new hometown eugene, Oregon, eugene, not only the home of the college football team the Oregon ducks, but also… Continue reading man-made objects

flora and surroundings

now that I live in eugene, Oregon I find the best way  to get the lay of a new land is to sling camera over the shoulder and get lost, I mean what better way to find yourself, eh? eugene is built on the lumber and agricultural industries the former not so much today however,…… Continue reading flora and surroundings

Canadian Rockies

a few seasons ago a friend and I traveled to canmore, alberta west of calgary, at the foot of the majestic canadian rockies, and in the bow valley where, due to glacial runoff, rivers and lakes run in turquoise.  canmore, a coal mining town for 80 plus years suffered decline in the 1970’s but with…… Continue reading Canadian Rockies

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