listening to nhl radio as dont have cable tv coverage, pittsburg just scored on so i am reapplying the curse.  the ny isles annoucer is putting a lot of color into the game, love it man!  tomorrow's detroit and anaheim game is going to be fun for some and anguish for others, i betting the disappointment will be in… Continue reading It’s the cup, eh? miracles and fantastic finishes abound!

my favorite team won to extent ot a 5th in anaheim, i love this time of year all the teams in the playoffs are fighting for their lives and producing some grand entertainment for us fans.   the curse continues, eh?

well the curse lasted into ot with pittsburg winning but it is still hiding behing the corner boards waiting to bounce that puck in the right direction and good things happen, eh?  detroit played well until abdelkader took that 5 minute charging major and even though there was still bunches of hockey i knew right there detroit will loose. … Continue reading the cup, eh?

so pittsburg lost, hhhhmmmm. going into the third period they had a commanding 3-1 lead, the redwings too a comfortable lead and well..., losing 4-3 to the underdog New York Islanders and a goal that has been scrutinized by the press. I wonder if pittsburg had made this fortunate goal the media would be all over… Continue reading the curse, because it’s the cup!

today i am happy and sad at the same time.  happy that the detroit redwings won sad that they held a 4-1 score early in the third period and let the ducks tie them sending the contest into overtime.  however just one and one half minute into overtime gustav nyquist of the redwings hits the back of the net sending the series to… Continue reading the cup playoffs day 3

it is with heavy head i write this as the detroit redwings lost the opening game to the ducks however there is so much more action ahead! now if it turns out that detroit doesnt make it out the first round this is ok as i am a fan, or fanatic, of the team and will look forward to… Continue reading the cup, round 1

while watching some hockey news, in order to get hyped for the stanley cup playoffs and interesting fact came to my attention. the current detroit redwings coach mike babcock once coached the then mighty ducks of anaheim in which he beat the detroit redwings in the first round of the playoffs a way back in 2003. now since then this is… Continue reading it is the cup time

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