Colorize: to cause to appear in color.

Colorizing photographs has been around for at least 100 years for me a fraction of this time dating back to the 1990’s when I worked at photo lab in Southern California. Part of the printing process was to touch up color photographs with dust spots this is were it all began for me; soon I wanted to do more retouching so I gathered darkroom equipment, chemicals, fiber based paper, color paints and pencils, and began producing black and white photographs with a touch of color. The process is labor intense but I learned to love and appreciate the end product, today computer programs allow the individual to accomplish what took hours to do in just a matter of minutes. But this is no fun. The pandemic hit at a good time as I wanted to get back into colorizing by hand, this gave me the time to explore, learn, and purchase necessary gadgets to move forward. The pen and tablet I bought is probably used more in graphic arts design but works well for colorizing, the best thing with computers there are no oils or pencils to purchases just select the photograph, apply layers and masks, choose the color (s) and away I go. This is still laborious but I do enjoy the end result more than if I used a program that does the same in minutes.

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