Picture-ramic Views

Each of the following pictures are panoramics so you may have to click image to view in full.

As a medical transit driver I cover an area from Portland, Oregon th the north, Roseburg, Oregon to the south, Blue River, Oregon along the McKenzie river and Cascade Mountain foothill, to Florence, Oregon on the Pacific Ocean. Taking my Panasonic DMC ZS 60 digital camera along on these drives there is time before, during, and after to satisfy the photographic bug in me. The photographs below were snapped between February and May 2020. Enjoy.

Along the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon this once ship building portion of the river is now an environmentally friendly walkway
I arrived in Florence, Oregon early enough to catch sunrise and a full moon. This picture is along the Siuslaw River.
Before the 1930’s automobiles and indivduals where ferried across the Siuslaw River where now only pilings remain of the dock. The Art Deco bridge here in Florence, Oregon takes US Highway 101 south.
Western Eugene, Oregon has a variet of city parks where once dairy farms and open prairie once were. With no tall buildings to obstruct view the sky’s the limit.
Another of those western Eugene city parks with spectacular views.

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