Power to the People

I am fascinated with utility towers elevating technology; back when my mind is open and easily impressed, around 7-8 years old, family vacations to the northwest portion of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and the former copper-mining town of Atlantic Mine nurtures the once developed town catered to miners extracting the red metal from the bowels of the earth now second growth, sage scent quietness enthralls.  The abandoned railway running in front of grandmother’s house we stroll along is intersected by a line of self-supporting transmission towers that ascend up and over hills into the vast horizon.  This quaint, magical episode in life sets the stage and from those days to the ones I enjoy now and into the future transmission towers unseen by dog-walkers, park-goers, and pee-wee soccer stretch through knolls of green grass stands of birch or white pine, along railroad right-of-ways wide paths of land cleared beneath as if a sidewalk add a sense of imagination, seclusion, isolation, off the beaten path.

Without further ado:


tangle of towers and wire
towering off into the horizon
lines above the path below
which came first the road or the utility pole?
galvanized steel monsters
life goes on underneath
city confusion
lines above, lines below, to the left then the right
solar panels would be prettier but then what would one write about
angles and lines
angles and towers
shadow hanging about
two self protraits
pole lines
poles, boxes, and lights













for more power pole pictures.

2 responses to “Power to the People”

  1. I’ve never thought of utility towers that way. They support so much in this modern, technology-driven world, but we so easily forget or appreciate their existence, and much less recognize their imagination and isolation as you did. They’re structures whose importance many will notice only if they stop their work, as in a storm that slices through the lines.


    1. Thank you abigail, So true, stop, look, inhale, listen


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