bungalow craft

sunny skies, temperature very winter a cool 44 degrees (here in the pacific northwest, inDSCN5795 a major metropolitan area that is cold) steady breeze from the east blowing southwest amplifies the cold and for me, wrapped in t-shirt, long-sleeve polo shirt, red wings stocking cap, gloves,and coat the chill across my face energizes.  mid-way into the daily stroll along the columbia river what did my blue eyes spy well nothing but the ultimate in house boats.

fortunately, the nikon hung over my shoulder and now i swung it into position, took offDSCN5793 the safety, let the subject come get into range, knelt on a nearby concrete step (not a good idea to put a lot of pressure on the knee while it rests on such a hard surface), focused, then shot not once, not twice, but thrice.  let me tell you it took some time for the subject to move for you see the topic of this tale is being pushed by a small tugboat and by an even smaller one behind that.  i think the procession moved at a whopping 3 mph (not sure what the knot speed is). what a fantastic, radical idea for the houseboat!  i mean can you not pictureDSCN5794 yourself, the significant other, a labrador, and cat on the front porch there watching the scenery ssssslllllooooowwwwllllyyyy slip by.  your own private tugboat and just think when supplies run low, FORSOOTH IS THAT A VILLAGE QUICK FIRE UP MINI-ME!

2 responses to “bungalow craft”

  1. I love this post. In Finland, some have their own sauna on a lake. Sigh.


    1. Now that would the ultimate a sauna island.


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