the lone goose

con-trailed filled blue sky, air temperature hovering around 46 degrees fahrenheit, i am wrapped in a hoodie, stocking cap, gloves, and camera over the shoulder and out for an early walk through vancouver, washington past the former fur trading post fort vancouver heading towards a land bridge that carries pedestrians up and over State Route 14.  on this frosty morning underneath tall pine the fort is awash with tourists and locals alike attending a christmas galla 1840’s style. suddenly, a loud congregated sound behind me, turning squadrons of canadian geese flying in v-formation rise above stands of Douglas Fir honking in unison.  swarm after swarm as if on a bombing mission fill the sky more likely heading for the sun, surf, and sand of Florida.

pausing to listen and watch the hope is they are friendly and the bomb-bay doors remain closed.  then, just after the all clear my attention is arrested by a strange sound once, twice; looking over my right shoulder a lone goose, keeping pace, toots his position to the group albeit at a great distance.  obviously the introvert of the group to which, as a fellow mammal, i relate.


the end


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