other than that i am perfectly alright

having an inward personality, i strive to avoid the masses occasionally, as a sort of get it out of your system, i take a therapeutic plunge into the masses, and head to the one place where i can get it over quickly, the mall.  yes the huge brick mortar structure that young and old, single and married, friends and sweethearts gather to find the latest gadget, book, to update the wardrobe, or to do nothing but just gather and swill coffee.

i park far from the madding crowd of drivers endlessly circling waiting, hoping to find the golden spot by the door, the long walk in also burns calories.  opening the glass door pressurized air sucks me in a cacophony of sound waves grow loud as i approach the main concourse.

i sight an opening and slip easily into the mainstream; aaaahhh christmas shopping season.  Immediately, I am cutoff by four adults that could use a set of eyes in the back of their head one pushed a stroller as if sweeping for mines. One gentlemen with earbuds firmly in place walks perpendicular with me then, without warning i might add, cuts in front of me and slows to snails pace.  “sunday driver!” I want to yell but instead push on out maneuvering the guy by going left when he went right to get around a pillar support.

Whew, getting around him and into what i thought an open lane when  out of nowhere a family consisting of mom and dad, juniors one and two and out on the flanks little sisters one and two spread across the concourse as if no one else in the mall exist.  Ah-ha an opening the Swiss Family Robinson stopped at kiosk to look over cell phone covers a chance to get around.

A couple clothing stores caught my attention so i swing into each of them counters and mannequins on one side racks upon racks of clothing on the other quickly funnel one into narrow, crowded aisles.  A strange feeling of being a lemming comes to mind yet i do not let it ruin the moment as i try on articles of apparel.  A few of the masses i pass look to be just wandering lifting the sleeve of a shirt or turning over a pair of shoes with what looks to be little interest.  Maybe they are fake hunting just to get away from family.

Up the escalator the second level, is saner oh wait watch out coming up to the food court here shoppers go every which but loose. food court workers thrust samples down throats fathers with daughters munch Thai food piled high, one couple actually use chop sticks which seem out of place in a mall, man and woman silently eat their burgers by a large picture window that overlooks the massive parking lot where police survey the many cars atop a 30′ lift.  Parents let children run amongst tables and chairs much to the chagrin of others trying to enjoy their Thai food.

after one hour of therapy i exit through the same door i came in.  walking outside i am consumed by 44 degree, overcast, raining weather almost the same feeling when one saunas then leaps into ice cold water and if you have never experienced this i urge you to try it, of course make sure ye olde heart will handle the shock.  Aaaaahhhhh,better now as i slide into the Scion.  By the way not an item bought did I.


By jimberly

I enjoy photography, writing, walking, nature, reading, and of course the coooolest game on earth HOCKEY! I took up photography in 9th grade and seeing the world in a different light wanting to, of course, photograph everything, unfortunately not everything comes out the way I'd like.

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